Texas Benchrest is a dedicated group of long distance rifle shooters in the state of Texas.  Our group is not limited to Texans, as anyone interested is welcome to shoot with us at our matches.  We primarily shoot on five different rifle ranges in the state.  We typically shoot custom rifles at distances varying from 200 to 1000 yards. Our most popular match is shot at 400 yards at 60mm, 90mm, and 108mm clay targets.  Other matches are held by the various ranges as they see fit.

Sam and Joe Duke of Utopia, Texas were the pioneers of our shooting group.  They started 400 yard shoots at their ranch northeast of Utopia around 2006.  Sam is the gunsmith of the family (and great shooter), and Joe is an avid benchrest shooter as well. Tad Emert followed suite with a 1000 yard range  between Water Valley and Robert Lee, TX (northwest of San Angelo, TX) in 2009.  Then in 2010, Mike Cockcroft of Huntsville, TX built the third range (Pinevalley Shooting) just southeast of Huntsville, TX.  Mike's range is a 600 yard range with excellent benches and cover.  In 2013, the Pohl family built a 400 yard range at Hallettsville, TX. Their range, called "Twisted Oaks Benchrest" is another fine range with ten covered benches.  These guys have built some of the nicest shooting ranges in the country at their own expense, and their generosity in overwhelming.  These ranges are not open to the public but If you get the opportunity to shoot on one of these private ranges, you will experience the wonderful Texas hospitality of them and our shooters and have one of the most enjoyable shooting experiences you can have.

Additionally, in 2014, we anticipate adding a new shoot at the Graham, Texas range.  Donnel Gaines and Chuck Dobson are working hard to get this fifth match set up in 2014.

Note that clay bird matches are NOT currently being held at the Pine Valley Range in Huntsville.