The range is just about done!  A little more cleanup and we will be ready to shoot.  First picture is the frame for the cover over the firing line.  Second picture is the target stand.  Third picture shows a board in the stand with a flag above the board.

Today, we poured the first of the twelve new benches.    The first picture is the set of forms that we will use to pour each of the benches in succession.  Note there is a steel post driven down thru each leg.  It is driven about 2 1/2 feet into the ground.  When the concrete is poured around it, it is well anchored to Mother Earth.  The second picture shows the bench as poured. Looks a bit rough but it is still wet and not troweled down yet.  The bench and legs are poured as one unit and then the forms will be removed and used to pour each of the benches in succession.  The third image shows the finished bench.

For 2014, the Utopia Range will be rebuilt with 12 new concrete benches.  The new firing line will be about 70 yards downrange from the old firing line.  This gives a wider area for the firing line as well as provide  more space to park and set up canopies.  Shown here is the left end of the firing line tucked right in against the hillside.  This is a start.  Now just have to build a cover and pour benches.

Now there are four.  Poured the fourth one Dec. 31, 2013.  What a way to spend New Years Eve.  Working concrete!