2016 Shooter of the Year

A very big congratulations to Gary Worlow, the 2016 Shooter of the year.  Gary shot well in all the matches and then vaulted into first place in the shooter of the year competition by shooting a clean score at the Emert ranch match.  Congratulations on a fine performance Gary!  

2015 Shooter of the Year

Congratulations to Darrell Martin, our 2015 Shooter of the year.  Darrell came alive at the Huntsville match winning it with a 940 score and then backed that up by winning the Graham match with a 920 score.  Going into the Emert Match, Darrell held a comfortable lead and never looked back.  Darrell atributed his success to a brand new barrel that just shoots lights out.  He will be a force to recon with next year.  Congratulations Darrell.  You earned the title.

2014 Shooter of the Year

Congratulations to Joe Duke, our winner of the 2014 Shooter of the year award.  Joe managed to win a couple of the shoots and shot well enough in the others to win the 2014 Shooter of the Year award.  Congratulations Joe on a very consistent year of shooting.

2013 Shooter of the Year

Congratulations to Dennis Reed the winner of the 2013 Shooter of the Year award.  Dennis shot consistently well all year long to win this award.  Dennis was followed closely by a couple of good shooters but he held them off by accumulating enough points in the last match that no one could catch him.  Congratulations Dennis on a year of fine shooting!

2014 Shooter of the Year Award

The "Shooter of the Year" award is sponsored by the range owners and it is meant to award the shooter who has shot the best overall for the year.
For 2014, we are going to score the SOY program as follows:

1.  Points will be counted from four out of the five shoots on the circuit this year; allowing a shooter to miss one match or drop their lowest match in its entirety.

2.  SOY points will be the shooter's accumulated score from each of the four counted matches.

3.  The shoot Winner of each match will be awarded a bonus equal to the number of shooters actually participating in that match.

Dropping one match in its entirety lets someone miss a match and still be eligible for SOY standing.  This is important as work, sickness, family obligations, or other issues can cause someone to not be able to attend all the matches.

The "winner take all" bonus added to the winner's total accomplishes a couple of things.

First, it is a Big "tip of the hat" to the winner.

Second, it acknowledges the added difficulty of winning the larger matches.

Should a tie happen, it will be eliminated by:

1.  The total number of small clays broken.

2.  The total number of mid clays broken.

If a tie exists after this, then make a second plaque and recognize co-shooters of the year.

Good luck to all you shooters chasing this award.  We intend to reward the "Best of the Best".