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Emert Range matches for October 2014

Gary Foster wins Texas Sniper Challenge

Gary Foster wins 1,000 yard Open class Match

Allen Tampke wins 1,000 yard Tactical Class

Dick Cunningham wins 400 yard Clays match

Joe Duke wins 2014 Shooter of the Year Award

Go to Results page for complete score sheets and match writeups.

Sept 13, 2014.  Richard Pullum wins Huntsville 250 match after six way shoot off.  Go to results page for complete results.

Sept 6, 2014.  Joe Duke wins Twisted Oaks match with 870 score by one shot shoot off with Sam Duke.  Go to results page for complete score sheet.

June 7, 2014.  Joe Duke wins Graham match with 830 score.  Go to results page for complete score sheet.

Huntsville 250.  June 28,2014 
Denny Henderson wins 250 yard clay bird match June 28 with a perfect 40 score.  Go to results page for the complete results.

I would like to start by giving the Duke and Cockcroft families thanks for hosting two great shoots. I know the Pohls and Chuck and Donnel are going to put on great shoots as well. I hope that everyone is looking forward to the next shoot. I have only a few spots left in the 400yd event in Oct. and would like to encourage everyone that wants to shoot to get their entries in. Don't forget that we will have the 1000yd benchrest, the open tactical, and the .308 only tactical on Friday the 17th of Oct. Go to texasbenchrest.com for entry blanks and info. Thanks for keeping up our web site Joe. See you in Graham. Tad

The Twisted Oak match at Hallettsville is booked up for 2014 at this time.  However, they are keeping a waiting list.  If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please call 361-798-4920 or 361-798--562.

The Utopia and Huntsville matches are now in the books.  See the results on the Match Results page.  See you at Graham!

There are now entry forms online for The Utopia match, the Huntsville match, the Graham match, the Twisted Oaks match, and Emert Ranch match.  They are available on the match schedule page.  

The last Pine Valley Benchrest match is scheduled for Sept. 13, 2014.  It is a 250 yard match shooting mini clays. 40 targets with 40 shots in four rounds.  There is a $40.00 entry with a 50% payback.  This will be the last match of the year and a shooter of the year plaque will be awarded.  Shooters meeting at 8:00am.  Range will be open Sept 12 for practice at noon.

Contact Mike Cockcroft: mcockcroft at sbcglobal dot net.