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Welcome to Texas Benchrest!

This website provides a link to the ranges, events, schedules, and results of our various shooting matches.  Please feel free to look all around our website and then join us for all the fun.

Bulletin Board and Notices:  Note that the Huntsville match is booked up

The Utopia match is now in the books.  See the results on the Match Results page.  See you at Huntsville!

Graham entry for is now available. Go to the match schedule page and click on the Graham Match button!  The match is scheduled for June 7, 2014.

There are now entry forms online for The Utopia match, the Huntsville match, and the Twisted Oaks match, and Emert Ranch.  They are available on the match schedule page.  The Graham match information should be available early in 2014.

By the way, we would appreciate it if our foreign visitors would send us an email to jeduke@wildblue.net.  Let us know what you were looking for and how you like our site.

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