Bulletin Board and Notices:

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Joe Duke wins Inaugural Hill Country Bottle-Cap Shoot!  Match results  

Congratulations to Joe Duke for winning the 1,000 sniper shoot, Scott Deal for winning the Emert ranch 1,000 and Chris Fulks for winning the Emert Ranch 400.  See the results page for complete coverage.

Congratulations to Darrell Martin for winning the Texas Benchrest Shooter of the year award.  See the Shooter of the year page for a complete listing of all standings.

Jim Barron wins Bozo Biden 250 shootoff after three finish with perfect 40x40 scores.  

POP-A-TOP Shoot Info 

NOTICE:  The Twisted Oaks 400 match scheduled for Sept. 12 has been cancelled due to the passing of the Pohl's daughter Samantha.  They will not have the time to devote to holding the match this year.  After they get more settled, they will contact those who have submitted entry fees to process refunds.  Please be patient as they may be some time getting to this task.  Please keep all the Pohl family in your prayers at this time.

Darrell Martin wins Graham 400 with a fine 920 score.  Congratulations "Doc".  Two in a row!

Darrell Martin is the  new East Texas Champion after a very fine match scoring 950 points.  Congratulations Darrell!  Please go to the results page to see the full writeup and all scores. 

The Utopia Shootout for 2015 is in the books and Johnathon Stigall is our new champion.  Please go to the results page for the full writeup and all scores.

All entry forms are onlne and can be found on the Match Schedule page.

The 2015 Texas Benchrest season is fast approaching so if you have not gotten your entry in for the various matches, now is the time to do so.  Again this year we will have five shoots for the season with your top four scores counting toward the 2015 "Shooter of The Year" award.  Please see the Shooter of The Year page for additional details.

This year is also the tenth anniversary of the Utopia Challenge; where this all started.  As such, we are going to celebrate this year by holding a "match within a Match".  For all those original shooters who shoot this year, we will be awarding additional First, Second, and Third place trophies for their finish  within the overall match.  Also, there will be commerative caps for all shooters attending this year.

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